Sunday, December 26, 2010

♥ NEW blog !

HYE !!!

i just create a new blog for myself as i need to create a new life too! :)
yes, i do have a blog before this. but now, i don't want to continue writing it.
coz it's hurting me and it have its own memories. i don't want to talk bout this. it will just hurt me and make me cry. da xnak seksa diri nie agi da. cukop larh selama nie nana seksa diri nana ngan nanges, saket hati, bersabar.. setahun penuh ngan kesabaran.. redha ngan ape je yg jadi. tp, last² jadi mcmnie. hidup sape yg xkan tunggang terbalik kalo jadi mcmnie! grr~ sangat menyaketkan! ok da.. FULL STOP! 
so, from now onwards, i want to live my life the way i want without anyone telling me what i should do and what i should not.
this is my life! i want to create it as happy as i want and be myself.

so, now we have come towards the end of 2010.
so, bye bye 2010 n welcome 2011 !
and it's gonna be a big change in my life starting 1st January 2011.

as like others,
i have my own dreams that i wanna achieve in 2011. and i also have create a new principles. :)

if u guys wanna know bout it, wait till 1st January 2011. i'll tell u on that day.. ;) 

the latest me. :)
sudah kurus! :(